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Juju's Big Surprise

jujus big surprise

Juju’s Big Surprise is Tanja’s first children’s picture book. Having come from a large family of eleven children and relishing some of her own childhood memories, Tanja was inspired to write this book about a fun, helpful and energetic character after her battle with breast cancer. Her books feature Juju, a character kids can relate to.

Juju learns that his baby brother is coming home. Excited, Juju imagines all the fun things to do with his little brother. But there awaits a big surprise for Juju. What could it be? Juju’s Big Surprise is a heartwarming story with fun illustrations and a character that children relate to.

Mascot he is JUJU - associate with bio

No Playing Frisbee Today

no playing frisbee today

“No Playing Frisbee Today” centers around Juju’s mommy having cancer. Juju realizes that what happens in life can be scary and not always easy to understand. This is a great read to help foster conversations with children about sickness.